We started our activities in the year 2000, with the objective of operating in a highly technological new business area.


The quality of our service gase rise to the ''CMC Standard'', with products and solutions that meet and exceed expectations of operation and durability in high intensity production lines.


We work with technical solutions for the Mining, Ceramic, Cellulose, Cement, Energy, Oil, and Off Shore sectors, serving each segment with a specialized technical team for the service. We seek improvement for each stage of our work, from project to customer satisfaction, to ensure the best result from our products. 


Our manufacturing and engineering plant is located in the south of the state of Santa Catarina, in the city of Cocal do Sul and has more than 60 employees. Since 2008 we have been certified by BSI - ISO 9001-2015.


    • Create engineering solutions that positively impact the market for industries in different segments;


    Perform our services skillfully, delivering the best result to customers;


    • Ensure the efficiency of our internal organization and quality in the work environment.


    • To be a world reference in engineering products and coatings solutions for industries;


    Expanding the market for new segments that benefit from our products;


    • Be recognized for a high standard of quality, from the project to customer satisfaction.


    • The customer is our priority;


    • The durability of our product is longer;


    • Technology is the basis for good results;


    • Innovation is the key to growth;


    • Ethics is fundamental.


• Assist customers by offering technological solutions and products that exceed expectations, complying with declared and undeclared requirements that are necessary for the industry in which we operate;


• Form partnerships with customers and external providers, honoring contracts responsibly, meeting mutual benefits;


• Provide the necessary training and qualification to the employee to perform his activities with excellence.


• Acting with the continuous improvement of processes, seeking standardization so that the products and services made by CMC comply with the expectations of internal and external customers.

Política De Qualidade