Resin CMC Weartec

Resin CMC Weartec

About the product:


CMC manufactures polymer solutions using high performance epoxy resins, with ceramic filler specially developed to minimize abrasive and corrosive wear.


The resins are used to rebuild pumps, pump rotors, suction plates, pipes, bends, butterfly valves, gate valves, rotary valves, silos and ore outlets, concentrating spirals, helicoids, sieves, among other equipment subject to a high abrasive and corrosive wear.



Technical specifications


• Great curing speed;

• Excellent chemical resistance;

• Operating temperature up to 175º;

• Adequate consistency and high viscosity;

• Applicable on different surfaces and geometries;

• Resists abrasive wear, erosion, cavitation and corrosion.


Formulations for different mechanisms against wear:


HIGHWEAR (XF) - Fine grains, high density.

HIGHIMPACT (XL) - Large grains, high impact resistance.

HIGHSMOOTH (FF) - Super fine grains, very high surface finish.