• Guides for Conveyor Belts


    Guides for Conveyor Belts


    Hardtec high alumina ceramic coated conveyor belt guides are the perfect option to protect the guide structure against wear. Hardtec provides very high quality and durable guides for Brazilian and international ceramics.


    Extend the life of your conveyor belt


    The addition of Hardtec ceramic lined guides can further reduce wear on the conveyor belt housing, which extends its life and reduces maintenance costs.

    Wear on the belt casing can occur due to excessive friction, abrasion, contamination, among other factors. Hardtec high alumina ceramic lined conveyor belt guides help prevent these problems, extending the life of the conveyor belt and especially the life of the belt guide itself.


    Wide range of belt guides available


    Variety of sizes and profiles

    Hardtec offers a wide range of ceramic lined conveyor belt guides to suit all needs and preferences.


    Various applications of lining

    Our conveyor belt guides are designed to meet the needs of various segments, from mining to the food industry.


    Hardtec leads the belt guide market



    Having been on the market for years, Hardtec has become a reference in the supply of high quality ceramic lined conveyor belt guides.


    High quality

    We use only the best materials to ensure the durability and effectiveness of our conveyor belt guides.


    Specialized service

    Our dedicated and qualified team is always ready to provide the best support and technical assistance to our customers.


    The economy and efficiency of Hardtec ceramic lined conveyor belt guides


    Hardtec high alumina ceramic coated conveyor belt guides not only extend the life of the conveyor belt, but also save on maintenance costs and improve the efficiency of the conveying process.


    Conveyor belt damage reduction Decreased frequency of repairs
    Reduction in energy consumption Greater efficiency in materials transport


    Hardtec supplies ceramic lined conveyor belt guides to the main ceramic companies in Brazil and around the world. Among our partners, we can mention: Cerâmicas Mohawk, Delta, Portobello, Cerbrás, Portinari, Grupo Majopar, among others.


    Hardtec quality assurance


    Product quality

    All Hardtec ceramic lined conveyor belt guides undergo rigorous testing to ensure their quality.


    Deadline accomplishments

    We are proud of our track record of meeting delivery deadlines, ensuring that our customers receive their orders within the set deadline.


    Customer satisfaction

    We are dedicated to providing excellent service and quality products to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


    Buy Quality Ceramic Lined Conveyor Belt Guides


    Hardtec's ceramic lined conveyor belt guides are a guarantee of quality and durability. Contact us at +55 (48) 3447-6004 or +55 (48) 9 9987-1378. And if you prefer, send an email to comercial@cmc.ind.br and get your quote!